Basic American Sign Language (ASL) Class [Virtual]

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The library is so excited to present a beginning level of American Sign Language (ASL) courses that teaches from the functional and communicative approaches that encourages interaction with the Deaf. This course focuses on the manual alphabet, numbers, facial expressions/body movement, basic vocabulary and simple grammar forms. The history and culture of the Deaf community in the United States is introduced. This class will be taking place in a Zoom Virtual Meeting Room, so registration is required. 

The best way to learn American Sign Language is signing with others, especially with the Deaf and with no voice. Your success in this course and in learning ASL depends upon your willingness to practice signs outside of the classroom. The best way to accomplish this is through interaction with the ASL community. Additionally, there is an ASL ZONE policy in the classroom to help you with your ASL learning experience. Soon as you log in the classroom, ONLY ASL is to be used unless you need technical assistance with ZOOM, or for the instructor's assistant to relay any course information.

This class is hosted by Juanita Hall. She is a professor for Ohio University where she teaches American Sign Language (ASL) classes. She has taught ASL for over 30 years for various schools and community classes. She has a Master’s degree in education teaching American Sign Language. She is also a certified American Sign Language Teacher’s Associate (ASLTA) and representative #5 for Ohio Citizens for the Deaf Cultures. 

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