Bigfoot Program-Mike Familant LIVE with his YouTube program In the Shadow of Big Red Eye! May 9th @ 5:30 PM

  Dates & times
  Age Groups Everyone
  Location Main Library


Join Producer, Lead Investigator and New Jersey Native Mike Familant as he shares his experiences researching and tracking down the truth behind North America’s most iconic cryptid, Bigfoot. Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Grassman, Skunk Ape or Big Red Eye, whatever name you choose to call this large, bipedal hominid, Mike has probably tried to track it down. Mike has been researching this amazing creature for over 13 years, and has captured some impressive evidence along the way. From the Florida Swamps to the North Country of Maine and everywhere in between, Mike is the full-time, lead investigator and producer of the show, “In the Shadow of Big Red Eye.” He will exhibit some extraordinary evidence backed by facts which he and his team have collected throughout his journey, along with some of the unfortunate experiences which come along with Bigfooting. A Q&A will be held after the presentation and Mike will be available after for photographs and autographs. See all of Mike’s shows, including his docuseries “Squatchables” (how to get into Bigfooting) on his YouTube Channel, “Sussex County Bigfoot,” and follow his Facebook page “In the Shadow of Big Red Eye” to keep up with the team’s expeditions and to see their newest evidence. 

Mike's Biographical Summary:

34-year-old Mike Familant of North western New Jersey is here to share his experiences tracking down North America’s most iconic cryptid, Bigfoot!  Mike has been researching sasquatch for over 13 years and is currently touring the country with his library tour and tracking down bigfoot at the same time!  In 2016, after becoming frustrated with the lack of true research expedition shows on TV, he created his own show, called “In the Shadow of Big Red Eye .”  The show is currently filming their 8th season.  And without further ado, here is Bigfoot Researcher and Lead Investigator, Mike Familant!