Visiting the Beyond: an Interactive Tour of the Most Haunted Properties in the U.S.!

Join us virtually at 7 pm on Halloween for a "ghostly" experience! (Registration required).

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a REAL haunted house looks like?  This  INTERACTIVE and extremely unique presentation does just that!

All participating  guests  go on a journey like no other, as they take tours through some of the nation's most haunted locations - possibly including abandoned hospitals, schools, asylums, homes, and more!  All done with original photography, deep history, and haunted experiences!  Guests get to tour each property, room buy room, with Curt on this interactive journey.

Curt Strutz
Curt Strutz

PowerPoint presentations, done by Curt Strutz, are a fun mix of history, photography, story telling, and humor.  His background (and close to ten years experience with these lectures) make for a presentation like no other!  Curt has featured these lectures at hundreds of libraries, museums, and has been a past guest speaker at Troy Taylor's Haunted America Conference, and was a keynote headline speaker for the Illinois Paranormal Conference a few years back.  He was featured on TV's cable access syndicated "Paranormal Generation,"  and has also been involved with coordinating public ghost hunts and bus tour trips across the Midwest...

To register, please click here (one registration per household please).  Registration is limited, so register your spot soon!

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